The Big Dream Project: Update

We are so excited about the potential for our new location! This facility would allow us to expand our ministry, provide a low cost space for homeschooling activities, provide large meeting space for events, expand our sports programs, and bless the community!

We started a $50K in 50 Day Campaign that ended April 30, 2021 and we surpassed our goal! We found out on 5/3/21 that we were first in line to purchase this facility! We were working on inspections and financing and felt like our Big Dream would become a reality! Unfortunately, we found out on 5/9/21 that the seller had a cash offer and decided to accept that offer. After working so hard and really feeling like God was moving to get us in the facility, this was incredibly disappointing. But, we know that God’s plans do not always line up with our desires but they are always best in the long run!

We have not given up on our Big Dream. While it might feel like our efforts over the last couple of months are wasted, that is not the case. During this time, we have learned that our HEAT Family is an amazing community! We have a nice start on saving for our future larger location and if we keep saving, we will not need as large of a mortgage should that day come. We also still have a wonderful location for the Homeschool Resource Center that has served us well since January 2011. It is small but it is ours and I am so grateful.

Every penny that has been raised for our Big Dream will be kept in a separate account for the purpose of purchasing our larger facility in the future. Our fundraising efforts are still active! We are excited to see what God has planned!

We have several different fundraising programs in progress. There are easy ways for anyone who loves the HEAT and/or wants to support our Big Dream.

Thank you for any support you can offer! Please feel free to share this information with anyone who can assist!

This thermometer reflects actual in-hand donations for the Big Dream Project as of 5/15/2021

  • Donations $47923.39
  • Among Us Class Fundraiser $1000
  • Wine Experience $180
  • Self Defense Saturday $910
  • Chick Fil A $125
  • 80s/90s Parent Party $905
  • Mister Car Wash $866
  • Krispy Kreme Cards $195
  • Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Spirit Night 4/15 $63
  • Kombucha Make and Take $455
  • Photo Sessions $475
  • Penny Wars $602
  • Archery Club Shoot A Thon $280
  • HEAT Dreams Spike A Thon

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