The HEAT high school sports program plays in the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA).  In 2023-2024, we fielded teams for girls volleyball, cross country, swim, bowling, track & field and boys volleyball.

HEAT high school sports are open to homeschooled athletes in 6th-12th grade.  6th-8th grade experienced athletes are considered based on ability, team and player size, and middle school sports options that may also be available at the same time. The student must be registered with the county as a homeschool student and the family must be a member of HEAT.

All athletes on HEAT high school teams must submit FHSAA paperwork.FHSAA paperwork is NOT required for recreational, elementary or middle school programs, or any age fencing or archery.

FHSAA -Florida High School Athletic Association 

Please only use the most current version of FHSAA forms. Below you will find links to the most update versions all forms. Forms are available on the FHSAA website by clicking “Parents” then find the form in the right column.

Correctly completed, original forms must be submitted by the due date or an athlete cannot practice or play with the team.  

First time on a HEAT high school team athletes: EL7 (including EL7V), EL2, EL3GA4, EL9 with updated transcript with cumulative GPA* and age verification (attach copy of birth certificate).

Please read the instruction pages of the EL7 to answer most of your questions. Page 3 of the EL7 is the EL7V that must be sent to the County.  Email it to the same place you send your annual homeschool evaluations. (For HIllsborough county that is  It takes several days to get this back. The EL7 must be notarized. Have your doctor sign and date the EL2.  EL3 form – there are several videos the athlete must watch.

Video Instructions/links

Returning athletes:  EL7V (page 3 of the EL7 form), EL2EL3 and updated transcript with cumulative GPA. *Please read Transcript note below.  Winter/Spring athletes will need EL9EL3 form – there are several videos the athlete must watch annually.

Video Instructions/links

High School Transcripts

Official transcripts required if grade issued by a school, FLVS, dual enrollment, etc – attach printout to your transcript.  Use last page of EL7 or your own transcript form. Cumulative GPA MUST be calculated and listed on transcript.   Make sure to keep a copy of your transcripts to reference the following year. Students in 6th-8th grade should submit grades for the previous semester (Spring 2021) on the EL9 form and submit as their transcript.   

FHSAA paperwork is due in July for Fall Sports: Swim, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball

FHSAA paperwork due in January for Spring Sports: Track and Boys Volleyball, Girls Volley Ball.

For more information or questions contact:

Angie Bailey

Tampa Bay HEAT AD and FHSAA Paperwork Coordinator

Other Helpful Links and Contacts

Hillsborough County Home Education office:

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Home Education: 2704 N. Highland Ave. Room 309, Tampa, Florida 33602

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