The Tampa Bay HEAT runs and maintains the Homeschool Resource Center located at 307 S. Parsons Ave. in Brandon Florida. Most homeschool groups fall under the umbrella of a church or rarely utilize facilities and we love providing a place of “our own” to the homeschooling community. The advantages of having our own space are many, but the expenses are high.┬áThe Homeschool Resource Center is a full-time ministry that provides vital services, guidance and encouragement to the community. The expenses to run the Homeschool Resource Center average $6295 each month!

Homeschool Resource Center Parking Info

If you utilize the HRC for activities, please abide by the parking map so we can be good neighbors! Our lot is for pick up and drop off only. If you are staying while your child is in class, please park behind our building. Do not park in the adjacent spa parking lot or in any space with a spa parking only sign for any reason. There are 2 spaces in the front of our building that are for loading only. Please do not park or sit in your car in these spaces so they will be open for people pulling in to get their child.

HRC Hours

We do not have official business hours but the doors are open when there are classes.  If you are new, there is usually a friendly face around who can answer your questions.  If you need to drop off payments or paperwork, there is a mailbox on the outside of the building (if the doors are locked) and a Payment Drop Box inside the building on the wall to the left when you enter.

Average monthly expenses for the Homeschool Resource Center

HRC Rent$1,500.00
Property Taxes$375.00
Insurance $800.00
Paper products/cleaning supplies$150.00
Internet access$100.00
Office supplies/Copier$300.00
Website/email/registration software$200.00
Security Cameras$100.00
Accounting fees$425.00
Tables/chairs replacement$75.00
Total Average Monthly Expenses$6295.00

It is a miracle that God has provided for us to keep this facility running since January of 2011.  We keep the lights on by fundraising all year long, offering activities and charging a small fee and facility fees from teacher and students.  

We are always SUPER grateful for donations of paper goods, cleaning supplies, labor (cleaning, organizing, painting, yard care, etc.)  We do lots of things ourselves instead of hiring out to keep expenses as low as possible.